The Swedish Environmental Base

The Swedish Environmental Base is an association formed with the aim to create a united base/level of demands for different types of environmental certifications in Sweden. The main purpose was to bring these certifications together and to unite them under one shared standard and to contribute to reducing the environmental impacts from organizations using this standard. The environmental mangagement system - The Swedish Environmental Base standard - is directed towards smaller organizations and caters their need to be able to present a well-functioning and documented environmental work to clients and to other stakeholders. The standard for operations is based on the key elements in ISO 14 001, but with simplified requirements for documentation, and focuses on actual environmental improvements and open environmental reporting. The association has made a comparison between ISO 14 001, EMAS and Swedish Environmental Base (3:2013) that you can read here. In april 2017 the association admitted a new standard, Swedish Environmental Base (4:2017).

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Short information about Swedish Envoronmental Base in ppt

Environmental diploma for events
The association has recently developed a new standard for environmental certification for different types of events ranging from; meetings, fairs, sporting events, concerts and festivals etc.

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1. Introduction to Environmental Event Certificate 2015
2. Organization and Competense 2015
3. Mandatory requirements
4. Practical action
5. Environmental report template
6. Environmental declaration, premises

Roles and responsability